Hey! I'm Arjun.

📍 Toronto, ON, Canada

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer currently based in Toronto, Ontario, with experience in JavaScript/Node.js, Go, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Docker, React and more.

Most recently, I built Kuri, an open-source, easy-to-configure, Dead-Letter Queue-as-a-Service for applications that use a microservices architecture on an AWS infrastructure.

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Kuri provides a dead-letter queue that can be used with an AWS SQS Queue to provide additional DLQ functionality such as, reciving dead-letter message notifications and viewing, updating, deleting and redriving individual messages.

Kuri was built for developers who want full control over their dead-letter messages and want to be able to deploy and integrate an advanced dead-letter queue service in their infrastructure within minutes.

Other Projects


Trello-like task management app.

Node.js/Express, MongoDB, React/Redux

Airline Routes

Airline routing application leveraging Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest path.

React, JavaScript

ToDo List

An interactive todo list manager.

Node.js/Express, Handlebars, HTML, CSS

Request Bucket

RequestBin-like tool for receiving and debugging webhooks.

Node.js/Express, PostgreSQL, Webhooks

Shopping Cart

An e-commerce shopping cart app with a database backend.

Node.js/Express, MongoDB, containerized with Docker

Contacts Manager

A contact managing application with search and tag features.

Node.js/Express, MVC Design Pattern, Handlebars, HTML, CSS

Let's Connect!

I am looking for my next opportunity! Please get in touch if you think I'd be a good fit for your team.